In Preparation for our Journey to the Sun

May 20, 2012 - Leave a Response

Just like the salmon when it swims up river to give birth, we to in preparation of the journey into the 5th world, prepare to sacrifice life.  We to give up something in order to have something take place.  And that something hopefully and prayerfully is a purified life.  So that life will take place again for all of us! 

We all do this in our conscious or subconscious.  We are forced to do this, in order for life to be natural, a part of nature.  Now the season is coming for dance and ceremonies of the sun.  Today the world is witnessing change.  Today the solar eclipse is bringing new information and new insight of heaven and earth to be deciphered by new generations.  Things for the future to discover.  Like this morning a little girl not even pre school writing a grocery list for her mom.  I witnessed! 

It is true that a child will lead us for they are our future!




The Secrets of the Universe

May 18, 2012 - One Response


The Navajo Universe

Welcome relatives!  The world is changing and yet it is only conforming to the destiny predicted by the elders.  The secret to creating a beautiful world of heart lies in the stories of the ancesters.  Here we will bring you the stories, the songs, the legends of the Navajo and perhaps we will both discover what the ancestors wanted us to know!